Terms and conditions


Acceptance of these conditions

1.1 In order to accept these Terms of Use (ie to conclude the contract to utilize), and be able to access the Services (as defined below) you must click on the appropriate button after declaring their consent to the applicability of these Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

1.2 Bed & Care send to you a confirmation via an e-mail message, in conjunction with these Conditions of Use and to its privacy policy. When the user receives this e-mail to the purpose indicated by B & Care, the usage agreement will become effective.

1.3 Bed & we reserve the right to make, at any time, modify the Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy. These changes will be communicated through publication on the website www.bedandcare.com and / or by sending a communication to the email address entered by the user at the time of

General provisions and definitions
2.1 For purposes of these Terms of Use, the terms indicated below, if written with a capital letter, have the following meanings, with the specification that the terms defined in the singular also refer to the plural and vice versa:

(S): "B & Care": Bed & CareS.r.l.s. with headquarters in Rome, Viale Admirals, n. 82, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, no. RM - 1452394 of company registration, tax code no. 13501301009, VAT no. 13501301009, in the person of
its legal representative pro tempore Pier Fabrizio Salberini, company owner, creator, owner and manages the Internet site www.bedandcare.com and other contents therein, of whose rights holds;

(Ii) "User" means any person or entity, receiving the services offered by the site www.bedandcare.com is if it does no consultation of the information therein included both proceeded if the use of the restricted areas;

(Iii) "Operator" means the person, natural or legal, who instructs Bed & Care to promote the conclusion of contracts with users concerning the activities and services offered by each operator;

(Iv) "web service" means any benefit provided by B & Care through consistent www.bedandcare.com platform to provide an online platform that allows: (a) Operators that manage accommodations (eg, hotels, motels, hostels and bed and
breakfast) to advertise their rooms for booking and Users to make reservations; (B) Operators providing services of nursing, medical and social welfare, to advertise their services to people booking and Users to make reservations; (C) Operators that provide the rental service of health centers to advertise their products to the reservation and to make reservations online; (D) to operators who provide products for personal care to advertise their products for booking and sale and Users to make reservations and purchase; (F) to registered users to access the site content reserved

(V): "Service": the only benefit provided by the Operator for the User.

Object and content of the web service
3.1 Bed & Care owns and operates the website www.bedandcare.com and therefore provides a Web service concerning the use of the platform, making available to the user with the information and tools useful to get resting on third parties Operators Services .

3.2 Through the website www.bedandcare.com, B & Care is also responsible for receiving by the clients and send the Operators reservations relating to services as well as to receive and send the Operators to Users confirmations of bookings

3.3 Unless otherwise specified on the website www.bedandcare.com, B & Care receives, in the name and on behalf of the operators, the payments of Users.

3.4 www.bedandcare.com Through the website, the User may empower Bed & Care search for a provider for the execution of the Services in accordance with these Terms of Use.

3.5 The acceptance by the User Operator identified and the execution of the performance by the latter will involve the establishment of a direct contractual relationship and exclusive agreement between User and Operator.

3.6 With specific regard to the Rental Bed & Care Services receives, in the name and on behalf of the Operator.

3.7 The deposit will be retained in whole or in part by the Operator in case of damages that may be encountered at the time of delivery and / or injury to the operator may suffer because of the loss or theft of property to be part of 'User or as a result of the failure by the User of all obligations undertaken with the signing of the rental agreement and provided for in the General Conditions of hiring that will be sent to the User at the time of booking the service.

3.8 It is understood that if the deposit does not fully cover the value of the rental, the user shall also be obliged to pay additional damages and to pay the additional credits earned by the Operator.

3.9 The deposit will be paid through the procedures that will be from time to time indicated on www.bedandcare.com site. At its discretion Bed & Care will replace the security deposit with a pre-charge on the credit card.

10.3 The amount of the security deposit and the arrangements for its payment (eg bank transfer, blocking the credit card, payment by credit card or check guarantee) are determined according to the procedures agreed between B & Care and the Operator and will communicated to the User at the time of booking.

3.11 The deposit or a pre-charge your credit card details will be released at the end of the rental period, subject to verification by the Operator of the condition of the asset on their return.

Disclosure of personal and sensitive data.
4.1 The information required by Bed & Care to Users and Operators and communicated these must be true, correct, complete and updated. The complete and accurate disclosure of information, including personal and Users and Operators contact, stands as needed for the use of the web service.

4.2 In the event that the information provided may not correspond to the characteristics specified in paragraph 4.1, B & Care has the right to proceed with the immediate and unilateral termination of the web service in respect of the subject or subjects, users or operators, who had provided such information and declines any responsibility from now on possible malfunctions of the supplied web service.

4.3 You specific charge of Members and to promptly communicate any change of data and / or the information necessary for the use of the web service.

4.4 By accepting these Terms, Users and Operators give free Bed & Care and his successor license to use, even for commercial purposes, communications and content that would express the www.bedandcare.com site also through possible applications developed for smartphones.

Obligations of Users and Operators
5.1 Users and Operators are obliged to use www.bedandcare.com the sole purpose of using the services offered therein. And 'expressly forbidden to publish, transmit, and / or otherwise disseminate, through the platform, illegal content, or in any case with offensive, defamatory, invasive of another's privacy or vulgar content and / or contrary to public morality or incite to conduct criminal offense. It is also expressly forbidden to Users and Operators to publish, transmit, and / or otherwise disseminate, through the platform, content containing or constituting advertising of other products and services, though not competing with those offered by B & Care.

5.2 Bed & Care shall in no way be held liable for the conduct of Members and Operators in relation to the web service with reference to the content and / or information transmitted or shared by them. More generally, Bed & Care is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user and / or the Operator which, for this purpose, explicitly declare to hold harmless and indemnify B & Care from any and / or any right or claim were to descend, even out of court, by such ducts or, in any case, following the use of the Internet site and / or any of its applications.

5.3 Users and Operators must comply with the terms and conditions agreed by the web service. At the end of the proper functioning of the Web Service, Users and Operators expressly undertake not to engage in conduct designed to circumvent the use of the web service, taking direct agreements between them. In such an event Members and undertake to recognize immediately as applicable to these terms and to recognize at B & Care as it had to, without in any case the right of the latter to promote any and wider action to recover damages possibly suffered as a consequence of these pipelines.

Using the web service.
6.1 The web service offered by Bed & Care provides the ability for the user to book the execution of the Services, to be held by the operators, under the conditions from time to time specified in the relevant section of the site internet www.bedandcare.com.

6.2 E 'burden of Bed & Care provide to communicate to users the confirmation of booking and taking charge of all communications related to that. Such information will be communicated by means of e-mail messages to the address provided by you when registering and you will have, therefore, receipt, where there has been no further communication by the User of the modification made.

Changes and cancellations
7.1 To change or cancel the reservation verify the terms and conditions applicable to each service as indicated on the website www.bedandcare.com. If you have questions, send an email to info@bedandcare.com.

Non-performance or Operator User
8.1 Bed & Care is not linked to labor relations of any kind with the Operators. In case of delay or non-performance of the obligation on the part of operators, Bed & Care is not responsible for the failure occurred.

8.2 Likewise, B & Care is not responsible to the Operator of any User behavior is not consistent with the commitment from these assumptions.

Withdrawal from the web service
9.1 Bed & Care has the right to unilaterally terminate the relationship with the User, after sending a notice to be sent to the email address supplied at registration. As a result of the cancellation notice: a) You can not access the B & Care services up to new and different communications; b) Bed & we reserve the right to remove any User's account or password the same and inhibit the new access to the site.

9.2 In the event of a material breach by the operators towards the Users and / or B & Care pursuant to these Terms of Use and / or obligations imposed by applicable law, without the strangeness of Bed & Care with respect to the contractual relationship between the User and Operator and therefore that it was not with respect to any and / or any damages also claim that may arise from this, B & Care may reserve the right unilaterally to terminate the relationship with the operator.

Rights on the site www.bedandcare.com
10.1 The contents of all present on www.bedandcare.com site, graphics and / or text, are the exclusive property of B & Care and third party licensors, holders of intellectual property rights and exploitation. It is expressly forbidden to Users and operators to copy such documents, in any form and on any support, disseminate and / or transmit the content to third parties, to publish or share a copy, and / or otherwise and in any case to make use without the prior written consent of B & Care.

Exemption and limitation of Bed & Care liability with regard to the operation of the Web Service
11.1.Bed & Care shall not be liable for any interruption and / or faults and / or flaws in the web service security system offered, where due to reasons beyond their actions and / or by the work of its staff.

11.2 Likewise, B & Care will not respond in any way where users and / or operators were to take to have suffered property damage or any other nature, as a direct and / or indirect result of the web service. In this respect, Users and Operators declare right now to give up any action and / or claim against B & Care.

Exclusion of B & Care responsibilities
12.1 Bed & Care has no responsibility and no duty to take any action and / or an investigation regarding: (i) the identification of Users who access the Web and / or conformity with the true data supplied by them at the time of registration; (Ii) the content
which the User accesses through the web service; (Iii) the effects of such content on the User; (Iv) the interpretation and / or use of content by the user; (V) the actions that the user can take as a result of exposure to such content.

12.2 Bed & Care is specifically exempted, with the acceptance of these conditions, any and / or any inherent responsibilities directly and / or indirectly the web service content and content contained in third party sites that the site should eventually target.

12.3Bed & Care is specifically exempted, with the acceptance of these conditions, any and / or any afferent responsibilities, directly and / or indirectly, contacts and constraints arising between users and between users and operators. Under no circumstances Bed & Care will be held responsible for any reason whatsoever for damages of any nature arising directly and / or indirectly the relationship between User and Operator or in any case pertaining, directly and / or indirectly Services.

12.4 By way of example, but not limited to, B & Care will not be in any way responsible for damages resulting from damage or breakage of any kind, personal injury, theft, or otherwise for any damage in any way be related to the relationship between Users and Operators and / or between them and third parties. Users and operators, in any case, shall employ all necessary precautions in order to prevent the occurrence of such events, also with the utmost care in all interactions with any individual with whom gets on with the web service.

12.5 Users and Operators expressly acknowledge that the web service is only limited to offering a virtual marketplace where supply and demand of services dedicated to people with physical disabilities and the elderly. Bed & Care is freed from any obligation towards Users in connection with the performance of the Services. Stops the legal nature of the service offered by operators, it should be noted that any obligations which may arise from the execution of the service, such as, for example, the obligations imposed by the fiscal and / or labor law, shall be exclusively borne by the User and Operator from time to time involved.

12.6 In any case, B & Care assumes no liability for: (i) execution - Failure or deformed - by the Operator of the benefit due to the User; (Ii) the compliance and accuracy of the services provided by the Operator; (Iii) the damage that for any reason the User is deemed to have suffered following the execution or non-execution or improper execution of the performance by the Operator.

12.7 Notwithstanding the foregoing, it expressly assumes the responsibility to ensure that the environment in which the operator performs the service is free of hazards and / or potential sources of damage to the operator itself. Bed & Care is not liable for any damage caused to the Operator or to goods and / or the User's personal injuries arising from the presence of such hazards and / or sources of damage.

12.8 For any reporting about the wrongfulness of conduct and / or content, the user can send a message to the email address info@bedandcare.com reporting details of the problem.

Modification and replacement of the Conditions of Use and suspension of the web service
13.1 These Terms of Use may be modified or replaced at the sole discretion of Bed & Care, as well as the web service will be temporarily suspended or modified for Bed & Care Decision at any time, with prior publication of the appropriate notice www.bedandcare.com site where recipients effect prohibited by the users of the web service, and / or by means of communication to email given when registering to the web service, where targets specific users.

13.2 Bed & Care may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to parts or the entire service without prior notice or liability. It is your responsibility to periodically check the Operator and the changes to these Terms of Use. Your continued use of the Service after the posting of changes to these Terms of Use constitutes acceptance of those changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
14.1 These Terms of Use are governed by Italian law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation, application and / or execution of these Terms of Use as well as all activities governed by the same shall be referred exclusively to the court of Rome.

Acceptance of specific clauses ex art. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code
15.1 Members and expressly declare their acceptance of paragraphs 3 (Purpose and content of the web service), 5 (Users and Operators Obligations), 6 (Using the web service), 7 (Changes and cancellations), 8 (Reimbursement) , 9 (withdrawal from the web service), 11 (Exemption and limitation of Bed & Care liability with regard to the operation of the web Service), 12 (Disclaimer of Bed & Care liability) and 13 (Edit and replace the Conditions of use and suspension of the web service ), 14 (Governing Law and jurisdiction) of these Terms of use, for the purposes and effects of Articles. 1341 (GTC) and 1342 (Agreement concluded through forms or forms) of the Civil Code.